Design And Development Of A Computer Simulation Tool To Collect Data That Support Hybrid Travel Models Under Atis


This paper presents the design and development of an interactive computer simulation tool. This simulation tool will be used to run subjects through several travel scenarios, in which each subject is required to make mode and route choices in the existence of Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS). A portion of the Orlando network has been captured from a GIS database. Both driver and transit information are included. Types and levels of information are addressed. The data collected from these experiments will be used to develop simultaneous travel models accounting for the effect of ATIS. The objectives of this effort are to achieve the following: for the first time, incorporate mode and route choices with ATIS effect in one effort, better understanding of the complex travelers' decisions, investigate the multi-modal aspect of travel, and incorporate the effect of ATIS in travel models.

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Proceedings, Annual Conference - Canadian Society for Civil Engineering



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