Effects Of Unsteadiness And Fuel Lewis Number On Burke-Schumann Type Jet Diffusion Flames


The effects of unsteadiness and fuel Lewis number (LeF) on Burke-Schumann type diffusion flames were studied. Systematic determination of the effect of LeF on flame temperature and NOx was experimentally observed in laminar and turbulent flames. Helium and argon diluted methane, propane, and hydrogen diffusion flames in a Burke-Schumann configuration were studied. Varying the dilution level of these two inert gases allowed for LeF to change over a wide range of values. Vortices generated by a loudspeaker with controlled frequencies and amplitudes were introduced in the fuel stream to systematically determine the combined effect of unsteadiness and LeF) in diffusion flames. Implications of NOx and soot emission will be discussed as a result of dilution and varying Lewis number.

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