A Collision Free Mac Layer Protocol For Event Based Data Gathering In Wireless Sensor Networks


Clustering; Data gathering; Mac protocol; Reactive networks; Wireless sensor network


In this paper, we have proposed a collision-free medium access control (MAC) protocol for wide area data gathering applications in wireless sensor networks. The proposed MAC scheme is specifically designed for reactive networks and follows an event-based data- gathering paradigm that takes into consideration the spatial and temporal correlations of the process being monitored. Sensors periodically monitor their surroundings and react to the environment either by waking up if an abnormality is detected or by decreasing their sleep cycle if an abnormal trend is detected. Simulation studies show that the proposed scheme performs better than similar existing schemes in terms of network lifetime and the responsiveness of the network to the events of interest.

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Huntsville Simulation Conference: "Modeling and Simulation: Providing Answers to Real World Questions", HSC 2005

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