Measurements And Predictions Of Saw Parameters And Device Performance On Lgt-X Substrates


This paper will present recent data obtained from experimental measurements on LGT-X single crystal substrates using SAW devices. Our group reported at the 2000 International Frequency Control Symposium the material constants for LGS, LGN, and LGT. In order to determine the accuracy of the reported constants, a number of different SAW devices have been designed and fabricated on X cut LGT and various propagation angles. Scattering parameter measurements are obtained by on-wafer RF probing over temperature. Some of the first LGT SAW resonator devices, fabricated from wafers grown by Crystal Photonics, Inc., having good Q and good device performance will be reported. In addition, various SAW material parameters were extracted from delay lines and resonators and will be presented for various propagation angles. The parameters include the coupling factor, static transducer capacitance, and temperature coefficient of delay (TCD). These results are compared to theoretical predictions of SAW parameters and a discussion of the results is provided.

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Proceedings of the Annual IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium

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