A Framework For Segmentation Of Talk &Amp; Game Shows


Digital library; Removing commercials from broadcast video; Semantic structure of video; Story analysis; Video processing; Video segmentation


In this paper, we present a method to remove commercials from talk and game show videos and to segment these videos into host and guest shots. In our approach, we mainly rely on information contained in shot transitions, rather than analyzing the scene content of individual frames. We utilize the inherent differences in scene structure of commercials and talk shows to differentiate between them. Similarly, we make use of the well-defined structure of talk shows, which can be exploited to classify shots as host or guest shots. The entire show is first segmented into camera shots based on color histogram. Then, we construct a data-structure (shot connectivity graph) which links similar shots over time. Analysis of the shot connectivity graph helps us to automatically separate commercials from program segments. This is done by first detecting stories, and then assigning a weight to each story based on its likelihood of being a commercial. Further analysis on stories is done to distinguish shots of the hosts from shots of the guests. We have tested our approach on several full-length shows (including commercials) and have achieved video segmentation with high accuracy. The whole scheme is fast and works even on low quality video (160×120 pixel images at 5 Hz).

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Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision



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