Multi-Media Enhancement Of The Electrical Engineering Core Course


The objective of this paper is to present a new multi-media teaching enhancement tools for the principles of electrical engineering core course at the University of Central Florida. The new teaching environment will enhance student learning by providing innovative methods for interactive teaching and testing. Students will be able to carry on simulation on the web, virtually at any place. To demonstrate the capabilities of the web-based software, we will give the detailed description for possible ac and dc simulation on line in order to illustrate the proposed concept. Once fully implemented, the new web-based simulation tools will enhance electrical engineering learning of the basic concepts, improve design capabilities, and provide the students with the opportunity for self-evaluation and testing. In the final analysis, the web-site will provide Graphical User Interface (GUI) capabilities that reside in the client desktop, allowing students to be able to perform on-line simulation of all type of DC and AC electrical engineering problems and have the option of plotting the responses graphically. This paper gives only the first development phase of the project. More works is needed to complete the software development of the simulation component of the Circuit Mark-Up Language (CirML) module.

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