Developing An Automated Data Acquisition System To Reduce Aerospace Payload Ground Transfer Operations Cost


Ground support systems; Space economics


Today, engineers and scientists must design and implement their prototypes around a very important criteria; system's design developmental cost. The expected development cost by itself, can drive the project schedule and product performance to an undesirable outcome. The International Space Station is a very recent worldwide known example of this problem. For this reason, we must place more emphasis on the fundamental system requirements involved given an assigned budget. However, whenever there are changes in the allocated budget, we must search for methods to reduce the cost of fixed and variable operations to achieve our desired goal. A promising method that considerably reduces the current operating expenses during aerospace payload ground processing will be studied and presented. This automated data acquisition system is developed to replace the existing costly method used during Kennedy Space Center's aerospace payload ground transfer operations. © 2000 American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics.

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Space 2000 Conference and Exposition

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