Propagation Of A Gaussian-Beam Wave In General Anisotropic Turbulence


Anisotropic turbulence; Gaussian-beam wave; non-Kolmogorov; scintillation index


Mathematical models for a Gaussian-beam wave propagating through anisotropic non-Kolmogorov turbulence have been developed in the past by several researchers. In previous publications, the anisotropic spatial power spectrum model was based on the assumption that propagation was in the z direction with circular symmetry maintained in the orthogonal xy-plane throughout the path. In the present analysis, however, the anisotropic spectrum model is no longer based on a single anisotropy parameter-instead, two such parameters are introduced in the orthogonal xyplane so that circular symmetry in this plane is no longer required. In addition, deviations from the 11/3 power-law behavior in the spectrum model are allowed by assuming power-law index variations 3 α 4. In the current study we develop theoretical models for beam spot size, spatial coherence, and scintillation index that are valid in weak irradiance fluctuation regimes as well as in deep turbulence, or strong irradiance fluctuation regimes. These new results are compared with those derived from the more specialized anisotropic spectrum used in previous analyses.

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