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Mary Schmidt-Owens

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Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences

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Introduction:Nutritional deficits are a predominant concern in underserved and isolated communities. International Medical Outreach, a non-profit organization based in Orlando, FL, has identified inadequate diet, limited access to healthcare, and economic disparities as challenges faced in the village of Mare-Brignol, Haiti. Our current research aims to integrate Moringa oleifera(a nutrient-dense tree endemic to Haiti) in this community in an effort to alleviate nutrient deficiencies.

Method:The method encompasses pre-surveys, educational workshops, and post-surveys. A total of 35 participants from 22 households were recruited from the community of Mare-Brignol (18 females & 17 males; ≥18 years). Utilizing pre-surveys during house visits, an initial assessment of perception, usage, and knowledge of M. oleifera was obtained. Educational workshops were then presented the day after the pre-surveys were conducted. Additionally, participants were given educational materials, M. oleifera seeds, and a three month supply of powder (600 grams). In approximately three months, a post-survey will be administered to determine changes in the variables being studied.

Hypothesis: Based on our assessment and similar studies, we hypothesize that educational workshops and enhanced access to M. oleifera will increase usage and knowledge, as well as improve the perception of M. oleifera’s multiple benefits.

Future Direction: This research methodology has the potential to alleviate malnutrition and associated conditions pervasive in Mare-Brignol. This will encourage continued collaboration within this community and will also enable future sustainable initiatives across southeastern Haiti. With conclusive results, this methodology could be applied to similar communities on a global scale


community, education, workshop, moringa, international research, haiti


Jan 1st, 12:00 AM

The Perception, Usage, and Knowledge of Moringa Oleifera in Mare-Brignol, Haiti after Increased Education and Access


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