Anthropology Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator: Dr. Stacy Barber

In collaboration with Thomas E. Penders, the Cultural Resource Manager for the 45th Space Wing, US Air Force, and Dr. Sarah Stacy Barber, Associate Professor for the Department of Anthropology at the University of Central Florida, a digital archive of archaeological reports and data of Brevard County Archaeology was created. The digital archive will soon house all information relevant for presentation and preservation purposes for archaeological projects worked on with Thomas and the Department of Anthropology.

Major archaeological projects are listed to the left and will further be denoted by archaeological sites. This database will provide Brevard County and the Department of Anthropology an innovative way for housing crucial and large amounts of data for future studies, use, and development.

For more explanations of how this database was created and its ethics, Click Here.


Browse the University of Central Florida Brevard County Archaeology Collections by Archaeological Projects:

Cape Canaveral Archaeological Mitigation Project

Fox Lake

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