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Greetings, PFSA! First, Happy New Year. I hope you have settled into Spring 2021 and that you are all finding harmony amidst the state of the world. This newsletter is special because we are celebrating the current Black History Month and the upcoming Month of the Womxn. Within PFSA, our value of community acknowledges and uplifts the intersection of queer black communities and transgender and gender diverse people. As society continues to evolve (in spite of what seems like resistance from those in opposition), the acknowledgement of queer black leaders, queer womxn, gender diverse, and a combination of one or more of these identities, within pivotal moments in our country has become more widely known. Breaking down stigma and educating others through visibility is so important. While I know that it is not possible for everyone to share their story because of safety or because they are questioning, the more we remember those before us who helped catapult the LGBTQ+ movement forward, the more real it becomes for our younger black, brown, and gender queer family to feel loved and be themselves openly. These next couple of months, find time to pause, to attach yourself to an organization in support of these communities, or even watch a documentary to learn something you didn’t know. As always, PFSA is here to support you.

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PFSA Newsletter, Volume 09, Black History Month &  Month of the Womxn, February 2021



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