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In order to increase the value and discoverability of their metadata, libraries explore options for making that data available and useful outside of the data silo of the library world through the adoption of Linked Data and Linked Open Data (LOD). OCLC Research conducted its 2018 International Linked Data Survey for Implementers. Results showed that 41% of the linked data projects/services described in 2018 were reported as using Wikidata as a source they consumed. In addition, recent development in RDA and BIBFRAME, which are better positioned for Linked Data applications, is a typical example of libraries’ involvement. A group of Chinese American librarians from several institutions formed a Wikidata-China group in hopes of expanding their horizon in library Linked Data and seeking collaboration opportunities. They studied and researched on Wikidata entries for Great Prose Masters of the Tang and Song and Chinese female poets, and discussed characteristics of Wikidata on Chinese related topics and challenges in creating these entries, templates for different types of data, contributor’s profile, querying Wikidata and many other issues. This presentation will discuss what Linked Open Data, RDA and BIBFRAME are, and their development status by the library community, as well as the Wikidata-Chinese Culture and Heritage case study, LOD education and its applications in local libraries. The session information can be found at the 2021 LD4 Conference on Linked Data site:

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Xu, A., Zhu, L.H. & Deng, S. (2021). Linked open data, Wikidata-China, RDA and BIBFRAME: Status report and case study. 2021 LD4 Conference on Linked Data. Online. July 23, 2021. Retrieved at:

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