A Dynamic Model of Crisis Management from a Stakeholder Perspective: The Case of COVID-19 in China


A stakeholder perspective; COVID-19; Dynamic model


Purpose: This study aims to develop a holistic and dynamic model that governs the various relationships among the critical factors of crisis management from a stakeholder perspective in the context of China's COVID-19 epidemic outbreak.

Design/methodology/approach: Data were collected from 731 textual sources, and the text mining technique identified the themes of a holistic crisis management model. Then, content analysis was applied to reveal in-depth insights into the themes.

Findings: From a stakeholder perspective, the model comprises six elements: political environment, economic environment, technology, social environment, health and science and international relationships, which relate significantly to four procedural actions: prevention, response, recovery and adaptation. The overlapping stages and situational dynamic mechanisms of the process are another two new major findings of this study; learning and preparing are threaded throughout the whole dynamic process.

Practical implications: Hospitality stakeholders are advised to collaborate under the guidance of the dynamic crisis management model and adopt high-technology tools for the industry's recovery management. Developing a new business model and marketing strategy is a useful approach to face similar crisis management challenges in the future.

Originality/value: This paper fills an existing research gap by presenting a health-related crisis management model that can be used to evaluate the dynamic process of collaborations among stakeholders in coping with external challenges forced upon the hospitality industry.

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Li, B., Zhang, T., Hua, N., & Wang, Y. (2021). A dynamic model of crisis management from a stakeholder perspective: the case of COVID-19 in China. Tourism Review, 76(4), 764–787. https://doi.org/10.1108/TR-09-2020-0413

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Tourism Review






Rosen College of Hospitality Management


Rosen College of Hospitality Management

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