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Traditionally, library data has been designed for the use and consumption of humans, and it is not integrated with the Semantic Web. If we transform library data into linked open data, it will increase the visibility and usage of library data on the Semantic Web. Within the past few years, the calls for transforming library data into linked open data have become more and more frequent. In order to increase the value and discoverability of library data, libraries have been exploring options for making library data available and useful outside of the data silos of the library world through the adoption of linked open data. Wikidata is a powerful platform for library linked open data. In October 2020, a group of Chinese American librarians from several institutions formed a WikiProject: Chinese Culture and Heritage group in hopes of expanding their horizon in library Linked Data and seeking collaboration opportunities. WikiProject: Chinese Culture and Heritage has been exploring the following research questions: (1)What are the characteristics of Wikidata on Chinese related topics? (2) How to create data models for special projects? (3) What are the challenges in creating Chinese related Wikidata entries? (4) How to use external data to enhance existing Wikidata? (5) How to use Wikidata SPARQL Query for discovery and presentation? The poster will present their research findings, discuss lessons learned and explore future opportunities.

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Amanda Xu, Lihong Zhu and Sai Deng. “WikiProject: Chinese Culture and Heritage.” Poster session presented at Washington State University Academic Showcase, Pullman, WA, March 24, 2022.

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