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Wikidata, Knowledge graphs, Linked data in libraries, Linked open data, LOD, LOD visualization, Metadata, Pemberton Correspondence Collection, Theses collection, Digital Collections, Linked data, Information visualization, Cataloging of archival materials, Metadata, College teachers, Knowledge management, Digital libraries


As a Linked Open Data (LOD) platform for structured data, and a community-building knowledge base, Wikidata stores people, spaces, times and other entities, and their semantic relationships. Wikidata Knowledge graph is a knowledge base that illustrates entities and relationships for data discovery and integration for users. This poster will present the knowledge graphs created for digital collections at the University of Central Florida (UCF) Libraires, including People in Pemberton Correspondence Collection and the UCF Teachers & Researchers. Models for historical people from the Pemberton Correspondence Collection and university teachers from the Theses and Dissertations Collection are built, and Wikidata items for these names and their related entities are created. The resulting knowledge graphs interlink people and relations in a visually appealing way, facilitating data exploration and research discovery. The LOD data has also been added to records in the library’s institutional repository and service platform Alma, thus contributing to a more meaningful and robust data representation in the future.

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Deng, S. (2022). Using Wikidata to create knowledge graphs for library collections. The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) Annual Conference 2022 poster session. June 25, 2022.

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