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Paper presentation at the 2022 Distance Library Services Conference. Due to the pandemic and the shift to remote work, the need for distance library services has expanded, with librarians exploring different modes of engagement, including the embedded librarianship model. But have you ever tried to define embedded librarianship? Two academic librarians from different departments at the same large public institution of higher education debated that same question. The literature on embedded librarianship is both plentiful and diverse, with few authors agreeing on how to define the concept. While many articles discuss the importance of integration and collaboration to embedded librarianship, practical advice on how to achieve those goals is often vague or overly generic. In this presentation, we will share our different perspectives and experiences to highlight the complexity of embedded librarianship and underscore that one size definitely does not fit all. One presenter will discuss the experience of shifting from a one shot instruction to an embedded model for first-year general education courses during the pandemic, while the other will discuss experiences being embedded in upper-division, subject-specific courses in the sciences.

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