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Working with Digital Initiatives, digital humanities and history faculty members, the Metadata Librarian at the University of Central Florida Libraries has added Linked Open Data (LOD) to Ex Libris’ Alma for the PRINT Migration Network: Pemberton Correspondence Collection. Wikidata entries on people and places in this collection are created and their Uris are linked to the cataloging records. Meanwhile, Library of Congress (LC) linked open data vocabularies, such as LC Subject Headings, LC Name entities, FAST headings and genre headings are also added to the records. GeoNames are incorporated into the University Libraries’ Institutional Repository records and are under consideration of being added to Alma as well. The librarians have been preparing these records for a full linked data environment in the near future. This talk will address the collection, the collaboration and linked data, the different LOD fields that have been added, their MARC coding, and the challenges and opportunities in presenting these data to enhance the discovery of historical and humanities data.

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Deng, S. & Dotson, L. (2023). Adding linked open data to a digital humanities collection in Alma. The ELUNA/IGeLU Linked Open Data Community of Practice Webinar. Online. April 26, 2023.

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