A Critical Reflection on Digitalization for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry: Value Implications for Stakeholders


Digitization; Hospitality and tourism; Stakeholders


Purpose: This study aims to critically review the emerging technological developments and digitalization efforts in the hospitality and tourism (HT) industry and discuss the implications of digitalization on various stakeholders (e.g. consumers, employees, companies and operators) with reference to value creation.

Design/methodology/approach: This paper is a conceptual, critical reflection paper. Thus, the study reflects the authors' assessment and reflection of the current digitalization efforts in the HT industry with a particular interest in value creation.

Findings: The study suggests that digitalization is still in its infancy state in terms of adoption and value creation in the HT industry. Yet, there are various opportunities for all stakeholders to benefit from existing and emerging digitalization applications.

Practical implications: This study can be used by industry professionals and scholarly researchers as a reflection of past and current digitalization efforts in the HT industry. Moreover, the study offers directions regarding the future digitalization movement in the HT industry and how such a movement might create important value propositions for various stakeholders.

Originality/value: The study is uniquely positioned as a critical reflection paper on the digitalization effort of the HT industry and offers new practical insights regarding how digitalization could create value for industry stakeholders as it finds more application areas. In this regard, it differs from prior review studies that focused solely on the use of new and emerging technologies in HT operations.

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Ozdemir, O., Dogru, T., Kizildag, M., & Erkmen, E. (2023). A critical reflection on digitalization for the hospitality and tourism industry: value implications for stakeholders. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 35(9), 3305–3321. https://doi.org/10.1108/IJCHM-04-2022-0535

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International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management






Rosen College of Hospitality Management


Rosen College of Hospitality Management

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