Progress in Tourism Management: Is Urban Tourism a Paradoxical Research Domain? Progress Since 2011 and Prospects for the Future


Events; Global South; Paradoxes; Theorisation; Tourism in cities; Urban Studies; Urban Tourism; Urbanism


This paper reviews progress in the field of urban tourism, revisiting and challenging the validity of the paradoxes presented in the paper by Ashworth and Page (2011). To do this, the paper examines the expansion of research endeavours in urban tourism in relation to these paradoxes, including the outputs in dedicated journals on city tourism along with the wider range of outputs generated since 2011 in social science. It also revisits the initial proposition set out regarding an imbalance in attention in urban tourism research (Ashworth 1989, 2003) and how this has been addressed through a broader development of thinking at the intersection of urbanism and tourism. It is a selective review of progress in the field, highlighting the challenges of deriving theory from western modes of analysis that need re-thinking in relation to the global south, notably Africa as well as developments in Asia and the Middle East.

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Page, S. J., & Duignan, M. (2023). Progress in Tourism Management: Is urban tourism a paradoxical research domain? Progress since 2011 and prospects for the future. Tourism Management, 98, N.PAG.

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Tourism Management




Rosen College of Hospitality Management


Rosen College of Hospitality Management

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