Collaborations in Textbook Affordability: Using Library-Sourced Materials as a Possible Solution




textbook affordability, library-sourced materials, open educational resources


Many institutions focus textbook affordability efforts through open educational resources, but that isn’t the only option available to provide students with affordable course materials. This chapter describes how the University of Central Florida responded to the challenge, with emphasis on how the library successfully leveraged its e-book collections to support textbook affordability efforts. A description of the initiative is provided from three perspectives: an associate director, the textbook affordability librarian, and an acquisitions librarian. Included will be discussion of the genesis of the program, methodology used, and how data collected from the initiative were used to gain a new position at the university, a textbook affordability librarian. As part of this initiative, various avenues were developed for faculty outreach and collaboration. Instead of a solo effort, there was a strong emphasis on collaboration with internal and external library partners. Also addressed are considerations for purchasing materials for use as a course text and a case study of the partnership between the acquisitions and textbook affordability librarian.

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Miller, K., and S. Duff and P. Beile. (2020). “Collaborations in Textbook Affordability: Using Library-Sourced Materials as a Possible Solution,” in L. Meyer, (Ed.) Charleston Voices: Perspectives from the 2019 Conference. Against the Grain (Media), LLC.

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Charleston Voices: Perspectives from the 2019 Conference

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