Hotel Customers' Behavioral Intentions Toward Service Robots: The Role of Utilitarian and Hedonic Values


Behavioral intention; Ease of use; Hedonic value; Hospitality robots; Hotel robots; Service robots; Utilitarian value


Purpose: This study aims to investigate the effects of hotel customers' perceived utilitarian and hedonic values on their intention to use service robots. In addition, the influences of innovativeness, ease of use and compatibility on hotel customers' perceived utilitarian and hedonic values were examined. Design/methodology/approach: The data of the current study was collected from 11 countries including the USA, UK, Turkey, Spain, Romania, Japan, Israel, India, Greece, Canada and Brazil. A structural equation modeling was used to test the study hypotheses. Findings: The results indicated that hotel customers' intention to use service robots was positively influenced by their utilitarian and hedonic value perceptions. In addition, customers' perceptions of robots' ease of use and compatibility had a positive impact on their perceived utilitarian and hedonic values. Originality/value: The findings of the current study provide unique contributions in the context of hospitality robotics technology adoption literature. In addition, this study provides valuable insights and novel opportunities for hospitality decision-makers to capitalize on, as they strive to strategize the integration of robot-based services into their operations.

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Ozturk, A. B., Pizam, A., Hacikara, A., An, Q., Chaulagain, S., Balderas-Cejudo, A., Buhalis, D., Fuchs, G., Hara, T., Vieira de Souza Meira, J., García Revilla, R., Sethi, D., Shen, Y., & State, O. (2023). Hotel customers’ behavioral intentions toward service robots: the role of utilitarian and hedonic values. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Technology, 14(5), 780–801.

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Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Technology






Rosen College of Hospitality Management


Rosen College of Hospitality Management

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