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This is the slides and talking points for a presentation at the 16th Annual Open Education Conference.

Two hot topics in education are Textbook Affordability (TA) and Open Educational Resources(OER). These initiatives can be under one umbrella at an institution, a collaborative effort, or led by completely different departments.

To assess and improve the current Textbook Affordability website, the Student Success/Textbook Affordability Librarian conducted a review of websites on Textbook Affordability and Open Educational Resources. The review examined websites from US academic institutions who were members of SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition). Using this sample group, over 100 public institutions were reviewed for a web presence dedicated to Textbook Affordability and/or adoptions of Open Educational Resources. The websites were examined for intended audience, the breadth and type of resources provided, any unique features or information, and the department or division of the institution responsible for the website.

This presentation will provide an overview of the landscape in this work - who is leading the effort and how does this connect to the library? Who is the intended audience, and what information is being shared? It will identify common themes and components of these sites, highlighting interesting and innovative ideas. The presentation will also include how the finding from this review were used to improve the Textbook Affordability website at the University of Central Florida and the challenges in implementing new features discovered in the review.

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Miller, K. (2019 October) “Getting the Word Out – Review and Best Practices from Textbook Affordability and OER websites,” 16th Annual Open Education (OpenEd) Conference, Phoenix, Arizona

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