A Fundamental Exploration of Administrative Views of Hospital Hospitality and Service Excellence


This study investigates service excellence and hospitality perceptions in a hospital setting for an exploratory study of the familiarity of hospital adminiistration with the topic of hospitality and service excellence. It is unique from other hospitality and service research in that it considers hospitality and service excellence as seperate concepts, and specifically considers hospitality, such as service excellence, as a philoshophy that may transcend its traditional industries of origin. Part of the premise of this study explores how hospitality in a healthcare setting extends past service excellence in offering a service to a patient to create a comfortable and welcoming enviornment to combat patient anxiety and stress. This exemploratory research provides a neccessary foundation for more extensive empirical testing of the premise. Using a qualitative case study, this research measured top management's perceptions of service excellence and hospitality within one community-based hospital located in Orlando, Florida. Three conclusions were revealed: (1) a mixed commitment by top management to concepts of service excellence and hospitality, (2) the terms "service excellence" and "hospitality" were generally discussed as though they were equivalant, and (3) significant external and internal barriers to the delivery of service excellence and hospitality in th hospital setting were identified. The study has implecations for healthcare organizations seeking to implement practices of hospitality and service management to improve overall healthcare service delivery. Additionally, the study of hospitality outside of its traditional industry boundaries may result in the generation of new improvement options/opportunities for traditional managers of hospitality businesses and organizational researchers. The study can be used as a foundation for the formulation of additional studies in the area of service excellence and hospitality applied to other layers in an organization irrespective of industry setting.

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Aiello, T., Severt, D., Rompf, P.D., Breiter, D. (2010). A Fundamental Exploration of Administrative Views of Hospital Hospitality and Service Excellence. Advances in Hospitality and Leisure. 6, 185-211.

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Advances in Hospitality and Leisure




Rosen College of Hospitality Management


Rosen College of Hospitality Management

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