An HR Perspective: The Global Hunt for Talent in the Digital Age


human resource management, recruitment, job applications, communications technologies, information systems


Purpose– The purpose of this paper is to provide the reader with a practical understanding of the dynamic changes in how résumés are handled by recruiters and the application of technology to the human resource (HR) functions not only of reading résumés, but also of how technology is making some of the initial decisions on how they are passed on to hiring managers. HR information system has changed the way talent is accessed, prescreened, sorted, and stored. Knowledge of these systems is imperative for the twenty‐first century job‐seeker.

Design/ methodology/ approach– The authors interview industry practitioners regarding the use of résumé scanning and identify the pros and cons of the systems from an industry perspective.

Findings– These discussions find that technology will continue to impact HR group in the hospitality industry. As the HR teams find more and better ways to utilize the technology the applicant pool will have to adjust to ensure that they are not screened out because they are missing a “key word.”

Research limitations/implications– The ever changing technology makes the information dated immediately on publication. The implication is that the search and hiring process has changed so dramatically that awareness of technology is important.

Practical implications– Recruiters and job seekers must be aware of artificial intelligence, optical character recognition, and other scanning technologies. Understanding how technology is changing, even the most basic of HR practices is crucial.

Originality/value– The paper presents a discussion about the new technologies being used in the job search and résumé‐handling process, as well as the industry practitioner opinion of the uses and benefits of the technology.

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Dickson, D.R. & Nusair, K. (2010). The global hunt for talent in the digital age. Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes. 2(1), 86-93.

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Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes






Rosen College of Hospitality Management


Rosen College of Hospitality Management

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