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Library services; Visiting librarians; Visiting librarian model; UCF; Tongji; Library comparative study; Visiting scholars; International collaboration; Library outreach; International outreach


Poster session at the American Librarian Association (ALA) Annual Conference 2015, San Francisco, CA., June 28.


The colleges and universities in the U.S. have experienced a surge in international students and studying abroad programs. As the higher education community expands globally, the needs for bridging the gaps in academic libraries worldwide and creating more comparable library services grow exponentially. One large university library in the U.S. attempts to meet these needs through a visiting librarian program, where a librarian from a large top-rated Chinese academic library is hosted for a year. This program represents a model different from the traditional visiting librarian programs that tend to be project focused. In this model, broad based learning and training in critical service areas, such as digital and metadata services, acquisition & collections, and research & information services, are provided to both the hosting and the visiting librarians. The goals are to promote dialogues and understandings between the academic systems in the two countries, and ultimately to enhance the international users' library experience in their quests of studying in foreign institutes. Assessments at both universities are planned to follow up the program. This poster session describes the unique program setup and development, and discusses experience and lessons learned in detail. With flow charts and visual tools, the presenters hope to share a model that enables academic libraries to bridge the gaps in library and information services and to better serve a global learning community.

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Zhang, Y., Deng, S. and Xu, J. (2015). Bridging the gap between library services in academic libraries worldwide: a visiting librarian model. American Librarian Association (ALA) Annual Conference 2015, San Francisco, CA., June 28.

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Academic libraries; Comparative studies; University of Central Florida. Library; Tong ji da xue (China); Library outreach programs



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