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Presented at the 2016 Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) Southeast Chapter Meeting, Rollins College, Orlando, FL. September 23, 2016.


Walks in the City of Canton is a book written by John Henry Gray of Christ's College, Cambridge who came to China and stayed as a missionary for many years, and it was published in 1875. This project did a preliminary analysis of the text of this book digitized by Google from the Library of Harvard University and uploaded to the Internet Archive. The Voyant generated top 500 words are tagged selectively aiming to find the more popular nouns, adjectives and verbs, and their related topics, sentiments or actions. This analysis is combined with the observations obtained in the translation of some chapters of this book by the presenter. Through the textual analysis of this historical travelogue, the audience will be exposed to the most interesting, vivid and sometimes astonishing narratives and topics, such as monasteries, emperors and officials, execution ceremony, raising silk worms and manufacturing white wax, along with an extensive variety of topics from streets, shops, examination halls, to festivals, gardens and tombs. It also adds a fuller picture to the beginning of modern Chinese history, including Qing dynasty’s closed-door policy and the western allies' entering by force, and it shows its appreciation of various humanistic sensibilities to different groups of people, including the blind, the aged, the foundlings and the born to be drowned baby girls, and some related facilities and philanthropic efforts.

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Deng, Sai (2016). A southern Chinese city through the eyes of a British missionary: Preliminary analysis of the text of a historical travelogue. CALA Southeast Chapter 2016 Fall Program, Orlando, Sept. 23, 2016.

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Chinese American Librarians Association


CALA Southeast Chapter 2016 Fall Program: "Visiting a Library, a Museum or a Cultural Institution in Your City" and "Discovering Chinese Images, Representations and Heritage." Olin Library, Rollins College, Orlando, FL.

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