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Meta-data, Digital repository, CONTENTdm, Islandora, Digital Commons, DSpace, Omeka,, Web, Authority control, Identity management, Subjects, keywords, Cataloging, Linked open data, Text analysis, Resource discovery, Metadata standard practices, Metadata Librarian, Metadata specialist, Roles of Metadata librarian, Digital library, Challenges and changes


The growing amount of digital resources on the web and in libraries have been rapidly changing the ways data is organized, shared and discovered, and the Metadata Librarians’ roles and practices have been constantly reshaped under this larger environment. In light of related literature and the author’s experiences in web archiving and working with several digital repositories including CONTENTdm, Islandora, Digital Commons, DSpace and Omeka, this presentation will discuss the ongoing changes in metadata practices in various areas, such as identity management, authority control, repository design and capability, metadata, its presentation and discovery, and linked data. It will also reflect on the metadata practices in the library community and the web practices in classifying and discovering data, and explore the web’s impact on library cataloging and the metadata profession. The changing environment and practices call for the Metadata Librarian’s flexibility in working with different digital library systems and personnel from other departments, an open mindset, and new understandings and skill sets related to vocabulary management, document encoding, data processing, and innovative ways of or semi-auto cataloging and classification.

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Deng, S. (2018). Expanding the metadata librarian horizon: Reflections on the metadata practices in the web and digital repositories. Cataloging and Classification Research Interest Group Meeting, ALA Midwinter Conference 2018. Denver, Co. February 11, 2018.

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American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter Conference 2018

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Metadata, Digital libraries, World Wide Web, Authority files (Information retrieval), Subject headings, Keyword searching, Controlled vocabularies, Linked data, Information retrieval, Digital libraries



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