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Tags; Tagging; Facebook; Library organizations; Postings; Meta-data; Keywords; Tag library; Topic analysis; Text analysis; CALA; Chinese American Librarians Association


The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) has created several social media channels since 2012 with CALA members and friends participating from around the world, including the CALA's Facebook public page, WeChat space, YouTube Channel, LinkedIn Group and the "CALA Members and Friends" Facebook private group. This poster will introduce these channels and discuss the CALA Social Media Group’s efforts in promoting them to better serve the users’ needs and connect its members and friends nationally and internationally. One big effort to be discussed is to build a tag library for the CALA’s social media channels for postings to be connected internally and exposed to a wider audience. This project is carried out by investigating the social media practices of other organizations in the library and education community, collecting tags from other organizations’ social media sites such as ALA, APALA, IFLA and OCLC, researching the nature of the CALA’s Facebook postings and brainstorming a tag list, tagging the previous Facebook postings using tags from both researches, refining the tag library and applying it to new postings. The future steps are to keep expanding and enhancing the tag library and also refer to it for poster analysis and user study in other social media channels so as to serve the Chinese American librarians community better.

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Deng, S., Tong, M. & Sun, Q. (2018). Building a tag library for the CALA’s social media channels. The Chinese American Librarian Association (CALA) Annual Conference 2018. New Orleans, LA, June 24, 2018.

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Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) Annual Conference 2018

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