Implementation and Normalization Process of Asynchronous Video Interviewing Practices in the Hospitality Industry


asynchronous video interviews, one-way interviews, human resource management, employee selection, eHRM, normalization process theory



Asynchronous video interviews (AVIs) enable recruiters and job candidates to conduct and review employment interviews at different points in time, promising improved cost and time efficiencies for all users. This research aims to investigate the implementation and normalization process of AVI in the hospitality industry with the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) and the normalization process theory (NPT) providing theoretical support.


Semi-structured interviews have been conducted with hiring managers from three different hospitality companies, which were in different stages of the implementation process. The data have been recorded, transcribed and coded according to the UTAUT and NPT constructs, revealing emergent themes. Findings Five overarching themes emerged: AVI effort and efficiency expectation; augmentation to the interview process; challenges for the applicant; challenges for the recruiter; and issues with applicant interviewing aesthetics. Additional coding and analysis with NPT identified the following in terms of evaluation of the implementation process: participants’ implementation activities showed a tendency to emanate from cognitive participation (relationship work), leading to coherence (sense-making work), followed by collective action (enactment of work/operational work) and finally reflexive monitoring (appraisal work).

Practical implications

Findings from this research include recommendations for the best practices integrating AVI into the hospitality employee selection process.


Given the increased demands on the recruitment and selection of talent in the hospitality industry, several organizations have turned to mechanized HR software platforms. The impact of interview modalities and particularly AVI has received limited research attention, thus this study expanded this new stream of literature. Furthermore, this research is among a nascent stream using NPT to evaluate the implementation and normalization of this new technology.

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Mejia, C., & Torres, E.N. (2018). Implementation and normalization process of asynchronous video interviewing practices in the hospitality industry. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 30 (2), 685-701.

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International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management






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