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As libraries across the nation increase their data management services for faculty and graduate students, an often-missed opportunity exists to start teaching foundational file management skills to undergraduates. This group is typically exposed to research methods classes, or possibly even undergraduate research opportunities, so it is not too early to start this form of instruction. Digital file management itself is useful for common needs such as keeping projects organized, not losing those files, and learning how to share, convert, and maintain a structured approach to working independently or in teams. This poster showcases how the University of Central Florida Libraries piloted the workshop and enhanced the content with expertise from UCF IT. By pairing with UCF IT, the workshop offered a well-rounded and practical array of authoritative information. Topics included an introduction to file structure and types, naming conventions, transferring and storing files, password protection, and so on. Takeaways include how to align these topics for furthering academic and professional careers while scaling to an undergraduate level.

Poster presented at the Florida Library Association Conference 2018 at Caribe Royale, Orlando, FL.

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