Hospitality and Tourism Experts' Perspectives on Chinese Independent Tourists' U.S. Service Expectations Through a Mobilities Lens


In response to the rapid growth of tourism in the world's emerging regions led by Asia, this study represents a seminal attempt to dissect Chinese outbound tourists' service expectations in the United States from the perspective of hospitality and tourism experts. Rapid focus group discussions were conducted with 64 academic scholars and industry professionals whose work was in close relation to U.S.‐China tourism. Utilizing qualitative data analysis through the mobility paradigm, themes were revealed in association with their hidden meanings of movement (e.g., logistics and connectivity), practices (e.g., service provision and amenities), as well as the effects of those practices on their respective representations (e.g., cultural distance and frictions). Theoretical contributions of the study include the use of the mobility framework as a tool for uncovering nuanced cross‐cultural interpretations in tourism. Recommendations for implementing best practices in welcoming Chinese tourists to the United States were offered as part of the managerial implications.

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International Journal of Tourism Research


Rosen College of Hospitality Management

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