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At a large public university, the library's presentations skills workshop is a popular session attended and requested by students. When only one instructor was delivering the workshop, the program's availability was limited by the librarian's schedule. When requests were submitted for the workshop to occur in multiple locations, several librarians joined together to collaborate across campuses and modalities. Presentation skills can be especially difficult to foster in a university setting where students are expected to give presentations but there are few opportunities to find sufficient guidance. In the absence of broader institutional support, the library has taken up this role to provide the only marketed presentation skills workshop at the university. To meet the demand for this workshop, partnership and collaboration is key. As we bet on our colleagues, our team of librarians considered a few questions while we developed our own personal versions on how to teach the workshop. 1. How do we scale it to reach a large audience? 2. Which audiences do we target? 3. How do you establish effective collaboration strategies across a distance? This poster explores potential ideas to consider as well as outline our chosen solutions. Information is included regarding what topics to address for a presentation skills workshop, how to frame the workshop, and how to collaborate across campuses and into the online environment.

Poster presented at the Florida Library Association Conference 2019 at Double Tree, Orlando, FL.

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