Information literacy, online learning, non-traditional students


Many of the research skills needed to succeed in higher education are never explicitly taught. Most students learn through experience and exposure. However, working-class students don’t always grow up in academic environments that provide the same exposure to these skills. In fact, at the University of Central Florida one of every five of our students is the first in their family to attend college. Using the University of Central Florida’s “Research Tips Tuesdays” webinar series as a case study, participants in this session will explore ways to help working-class students develop fundamental research skills while respecting their busy schedules. We will discuss how to identify skill gaps, design scaffolded skill building programs and brainstorm potential campus partners.

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Montgomery, R. C., & Wray, C. C. (2019, March 9) Bridging the gap: Helping non-traditional students develop research skills when they need it most. Presented at the Alliance for Higher Education Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL.

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Conference Presentation


Information Technologies & Resources


Orlando (Main) Campus


John C. Hitt Library



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