Augmented Reality, Visioning Workshop, head-mounted display, human perception


In August of 2018 a group of academic, government, and industry experts in the field of Augmented Reality gathered for four days to consider potential technological and societal issues and opportunities that could accompany a future where AR is pervasive in location and duration of use. This report is intended to summarize some of the most novel and potentially impactful insights and opportunities identified by the group.

Our target audience includes AR researchers, government leaders, and thought leaders in general. It is our intent to share some compelling technological and societal questions that we believe are unique to AR, and to engender new thinking about the potentially impactful synergies associated with the convergence of AR and some other conventionally distinct areas of research.

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Gregory Welch, Gerd Bruder, Peter Squire, and Ryan Schubert. Anticipating widespread augmented reality: Insights from the 2018 ar visioning workshop. Technical report, University of Central Florida and Office of Naval Research, August 6 2019.

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