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This presentation in Pecha Kucha format is part of the 2019 Library Faculty Showcase at the University of Central Florida. It presents the development, delivery and redesign of a metadata and data documentation workshop for university graduate students and researchers. The original workshop was in lecture style, and it covered large amount of information such as the status of data documentation and management as revealed by a campus survey, research data documentation basics, general and domain metadata standards, and data documentation practices in different disciplines. The redesign looks at students' experiences in previous workshops and also what the Metadata Librarian has gained from national endeavors such as the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)’s Data Fair and the Data Curation Network’s workshop. The redesign has adjusted the overall learning methods to include more interactions, such as short questions, discussions on published datasets, students’ own needs and cases in data documentation. It is expected that the redesign will be more in line with the graduate students’ research and be more beneficial to their academic pursuits.

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Deng, S. (2019). Developing, delivering and redesigning metadata and data documentation workshop for graduate students. UCF Library Faculty Showcase “Pecha Kucha Go! Wave”. July 11, 2019.

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