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The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) Social Media Group initially created the CALA Social Media Tag Library in Fall 2017 to facilitate better navigation and search for social media channels, particularly the CALA Facebook public page and promote the organization’s programs and activities. The Social Media Group introduced the creation of the Tag Library to the CALA community in Summer 2018, but the tags were limited to member-only, internal use. In Spring 2019, the restructured CALA Social Media Committee reviewed, enriched, and standardized the Tag Library, and decided to make it publicly available for anyone interested in posting to CALA’s social media channels. The poster presents a brief history of the Tag Library, illustrates its structure and content, and provides instructions on its usage. It will examine over 1000 postings on CALA’s Facebook page from 2012-2019, identify postings with the highest impact, and perform analysis on tags and full-text. What are the benefits and challenges of utilizing a Tag Library for tagging posts in Facebook, and how can these tags influence reach, user search and discovery? Through this research, the group hopes to better serve the organization, its member sand the library community at large. The Tag Library supports diversity in LIS by encouraging community expression through user-centered, user-generated dialogue and allowing users to utilize and contribute their own tags. Not only that, it can be used as an effective toolkit to elevate CALA’s community outreach, presence, and connections to the other ethnic caucuses.

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Deng, S., DeLeon E. & Chen, J. (2019). Supporting access and community-building: the CALA Social Media Tag Library Keywords. The Chinese American Librarian Association (CALA) Annual Conference 2019. Washington DC, June 22.

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