Destination, Residents, Impacts of tourism, Health, Spain, Positive experience, Emotions, Social interactions


This study investigates the influence of the number of tourism arrivals on the physical health of local people in one of the most-visited destinations in the world. Although the literature traditionally describes the economic, social, and cultural impacts of tourism, there is a gap related to the effects of tourism on residents' health. The methodology involves applying the limited-information maximum likelihood instrumental variable approach. The results demonstrate that tourism arrivals negatively influence residents’ health in the short term, yet have positive impacts on long-term health outcomes. The study contributes to the theory and practice by offering a new approach to physical health outcomes of tourism, demonstrating the superiority of long-term positive impacts of tourism over short-term negative outcomes, and emphasizing the importance of evaluating the health impacts of tourism for destination marketing and management.

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Godovykh, M., & Ridderstaat, J. (2020). Health outcomes of tourism development: Longitudinal study of the impact of tourism arrivals on residents’ health. Destination Marketing and Management, 17, 1-7.

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Journal of Destination Marketing & Management



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Rosen College of Hospitality Management


Rosen College of Hospitality Management



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