Modernism, middlebrow, Holbrook Jackson, To-day, T. P.'s Weekly


This article investigates two early twentieth-century British periodicals, T. P.'s Weekly (1902–16) and To-day (1917–23), through the perspective of the perceived modernism/middlebrow dichotomy and the editorial practices of Holbrook Jackson. Exploring the history of these two diachronically linked periodicals (To-day incorporated T. P.'s Weekly in 1916), I argue that key moments or “intersections” in the editorial history of T. P.'s Weekly and To-day coincide with distinct and definite “branchings” away from the tenets of the middlebrow culture that largely defined T. P.'s Weekly as part of Jackson's objective of creating a thoroughly modernist periodical.

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The Journal of Modern Periodical Studies Vol. 6, No. 1 (2015), pp. 23-43 (21 pages) Published By: Penn State University Press

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College of Arts and Humanities


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