Zhongguo Yan Jiu Wai Wen Jiu Ji Hui Kan: Zhongguo Ji Lu (Chinese Studies in the West: The Chinese Record), Volume 12

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Description and travel; China; Chinese; Social life and customs; Chinese commerce; Chinese politics; Chinese laws; Chinese government; Clark Expedition in North China; South China; Sociology; Familism; Chinese folklore; 19th century; 20th century; Traveling; China through western eyes; Chinese Studies in the West; The Chinese Record


“Chinese Studies in the West: The Chinese Record” consists of reprints of western books about China in the public domain, with Chinese introductions and translations of the books’ main information, including title, author, preface, table of content, list of illustrations and postscript. A summary is written for each book to introduce its original content with related materials, including author information such as year of birth and death, nationality, biography with emphasis put on the author’s activities in China, major achievements, works, main opinions as well as historic evaluations of the author. The summary also comprises book information, such as writing background, time and period, main content, point of view and historical evaluations of the book. It is designed to help the Chinese researchers and readers understand the book better. Since the 17th century, many Westerners, including government officials, military personnel, businessmen, missionaries, scholars and travelers, had come to China in modern times for various purposes and carried out various activities. It greatly impacted the development of the Chinese society and left large amount of records about China. The personal experiences of and records left by these Westerners are not only first-hand information on the history of Sino-foreign relations, the spread and influence of western culture in China, and the interaction between Chinese and foreign cultures, but also important resources in the study of all aspects of social life in modern China. Volume 12 includes works of Westerners such as Henry Charles Sirr (1807-1872), Edmund Plauchut (1824-1909), Lewis Hodous (1872-1949), John Henry Gray (1823-1890), Robert Montgomery Martin (1801-1868), Robert Sterling Clark (1877-1956), Arthur de Carle Sowerby (1885-1954), William S. Frederick Mayers (1831-1878), Samuel Wells Williams (1812-1884), Daniel H. Kulp Ⅱ (1888-1980) and Augustus Frederick Lindley (1840-1873).

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Zhongguo Yan Jiu Wai Wen Jiu Ji Hui Kan: Zhongguo Ji Lu (Chinese Studies in the West: The Chinese Record, 《中国研究外文旧籍汇刊·中国记录》), Volume 12. Edited and partially translated by Sai Deng and Guoqing Li. Guangxi Normal University Press, 2020.

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