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Knowledge Organization System, KOS, Categorization, Classification, Glossaries, Subject headings, FAST, LCSH, Categorization schemes, Taxonomy, Thesauri, Semantic networks, Ontologies, BIBFRAME, Tagging, Tag library, Bibliographic information, Library science, Information organization


This training session introduces Knowledge Organization Systems (KOSs) and their applications especially in the Library and Information Science (LIS) field. It talks about various KOS systems including term lists, subject headings, categorization schemas, classification schemas, taxonomies, thesauri, semantic networks and ontologies. It gives many KOS examples especially those pertain to LIS such as BIBFRAME. It also discusses the process and different methods of creating categories, tag libraries and taxonomies. It was delivered to librarians and staff members in Technical Services at the University Central Florida Libraries and aimed to help catalogers better understand knowledge organization related concepts and systems in and beyond the library field.

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