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Oral History interview of Walter Napier. Interview conducted by Brown, Christopher; Carpinone, Kevin at University of Central Florida- Orlando, FL.


0:01 Introduction; 0:57 Birth/family information; 1:28 Family military history; 2:37 Education prior to service; 3:17 Family's attitudes towards service; 4:04 Basic training for reserves; 4:54 Basic training for active duty; 6:56 Memorable experiences from basic; 9:16 Post-basic training; 9:40 Military police training and duties (reserves); 11:16 Infantry training (active duty); 12:43 First assignment as MP reserve; 13:30 First active duty assignment; 14:03 First impressions of Iraq- first tour; 14:27 Assignments and equipment used; 19:22 Daily life during first tour; 23:30 Missions and Combat during 1st tour of Iraq; 28:55 Communication home; 30:48 Leave and down time during first tour; 32:42 Timeline of Iraq and Afghanistan; 33:11 First impressions of Afghanistan; 34:36 Comparing people between Iraq and Afghanistan; 36:33 Missions; 37:33 Problems with civilian contact; 39:17 Training missions of police force; 40:39 Living quarters in Iraq during 2nd tour and Afghanistan; 41:59 Communicating home while in Afghanistan; 42:27 Daily life in Afghanistan; 43:53 Patrols in Afghanistan; 45:26 Combat in Afghanistan; 45:45 Experiences in Afghanistan; 46:49 Returning home from Afghanistan; 47:13 End of military and Army contract; 49:19 Reception home and readjustment to civilian life; 50:14 Plans for future; 50:57 Applications of military lessons; 51:09 Advice for future military enlistment; 51:59 Keeping in contact with those who served with Napier; 52:08 End.

Date of Birth


Place of Birth

Wiesbaden (Del.)




White - Non Hispanic

Home State


War or Conflict

Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan



Begin/End date of Service - 1st



Entrance into Service


Branch of Service

U.S. Army

Unit of Service

Bravo Company; 2-7 Cavalry Regiment; 4th Brigade Combat Team; 1st Cavalry Division

Location of Service

Iraq; Afghanistan; Fort Hood (Tex.)

Highest Rank

Sergeant; SGT

Prisoner of War


Service Related Injury





Army Commendation Medal; Iraq Campaign Medal; Afghanistan Campaign Medal; Overseas Service Ribbon; NATO Defense Ribbon; Global War on Terrorism Service Medal


Platoon Sergeants Driver; Platoon Radio Telephone Operator; Squad Designated Marksman; Team Leader; BETT-C Tower Operator; Cerberus Tower Operator; Electronic Warfare Specialist; SFAAT Team Member; Brigade Soldier of the Month 2010; Winner of the E-5 Promotion board; Long Range Marksman; Bradley Gunner; Changed Battalion Standard Operating Procedure for MOUNT operations in an Urban Environment; MOUNT Instructor for Brigade Level training


Not applicable

City of Birth


Country of Birth

United States


Brown, Christopher; Carpinone, Kevin

Interview Date


Location of Interview

University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL.


Napier, Walter; Afghan War, 2001---Personal Narratives; Iraq War, 2003-2011--Personal Narratives; Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, 2001-present -- Personal Narratives; United States. Army

Collection Description

Contains logs, audio and video recordings of interviews with Central Florida's veterans as part of a history class project for the students at the University of Central Florida (UCF). The UCF Community Veterans History Project(CVHP) started in fall 2010. It collects, preserves, and makes accessible to the public the experiences of Central Florida's veterans so that future generations will better understand the realities of conflict. It is a collaborative endeavor supported by multiple departments and offices at UCF. The veterans' histories are archived and made digitally available through the UCF library and selected materials are contributed to the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress.

Contributor Affiliation / Organization

RICHES; University of Central Florida


Brown, Christopher; Carpinone, Kevin

Length of Interview

52 Minutes


Department of History, University of Central Florida


Video; MovingImage


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UCF Community Veterans History Project

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