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The interview of Victor ColonRosa done by Michael Richardson of UCF in Orlando, FL via Zoom due to Covid-19. ColonRosa discusses his birthplace; siblings; parents' jobs; relatives in the Military; High School education; motivations for joining the Army; Puerto Rican nationality; Basic Training and graduation; Advanced training and graduation Domestic assignments with various agencies; The various peacetime assignments overseas; The differences in combat experiences throughout the career; the various combat tours he participated in; Explains how he earned his Bronze Star Medals and CIB Badges; Provides elaboration on events in Somalia '93; how he communicated with family while on deployment; how the Army changed in his 28 year service; offers a personal opinion on the present generation of service members; how the military teaches empathy and fairness; Reasons he retired; How the wife understands his struggle; The Borinqueneer Motorcycle Club and how they give back to the community, The hardships of the 65th Infantry regiment; What American service means as a Puerto Rican; Puerto Rican and American heritage and pride; Maintaining service relationships; the unique Brotherhood/Sisterhood of connection through service; Positive reception from community after service; how Communities are changing to recognize and embrace veterans; elaboration of the History of the Borinqueneer 65th Infantry Unit; the hatred of Puerto Rican soldiers by American Officers; Enduring discriminations and hardships; BMC community activities; Knowing the last Sergeant Major of the 65th; Honoring Borinqueneer Medal recipients; Riding to honor the Borinqueneer legacy; Honoring a Korean Prisoner of War; the importance of acting due to deteriorating health, the importance of honoring these gentleman; Military training give an edge in society; Military training give patience in everyday life; the Advice given to a young person regarding joining the military; How the VHP interview is a good experience; The nature of being in combat; Why more veterans should sign up for the VHP interview; How dealing with PTSD is not easy; Final Reflections; end of the interview.

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