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0:50 Early Childhood; 1:55 Decided to enlist in the Marine Corps his Senior year (2002); 2:30 Father in Air Force and grandparents served in WWII; 3:22 Why he picked the marines; 4:55 Enlisting right before 9/11; 6:20 Preparing for boot camp; 6:50 Mental stress of Paris Island; 8:04 Details of boot camp experience; 10:55 Rifleman training; 11:40 Finished infantry school December of 2002; 12:30 Fleet training in California; 14:00 Details of fleet training; 16:12 February 2003, deployed to Camp Coyote, Kuwait; 17:40 Typical day at Camp Coyote; 18:35 Sleeping in foxholes and the desert cold; 20:22 March 19, 2003: Heading North into Iraq; 21:10 Feelings of being over in the Middle East and getting ready for invasion; 22:20 First mission in Iraq; 24:25 Violence increasing as they move through country; 24:55 First firefight; 28:10 First experience with dead bodies; 29:45 Battle in sandstorm vs. tanks; 31:10 Took vital bridge at Tigris River; 32:10 Increased resistance closer to Baghdad; 33:40 April 4th, worst day of fighting; 34:15 First casualty; 35:35 Describing gore of war; 37:00 Two tours in Iraq; 38:25 Feeling experienced and seasoned; 39:30 September 2004, 2nd tour begins; 40:30 Feelings about what was going on in Fallujah; 41:30 Feelings about going back to Iraq; 42:30 Sentiments from friends.