Spring 2019


Allen Watters,


Oscar Niemeyer was a Brazilian architect that was one of the starting influencers for the development of modern architecture in Latin America. Widely known for his use of abstract forms and curves, Niemeyer explored and pushed the aesthetic boundaries of reinforced concrete, which can be seen in the Cathedral of Brasilia, Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum, and International Cultural Center. Through the numerous buildings designed, Niemeyer, who was heavily influenced by architect Le Corbusier, would inspire others such as Zaha Hadid, described as the "Queen of the Curve," and French painter Jacques Benoit, who created a series of paintings entitled Three Traces of Oscar. Niemeyer built some of the world's most striking buildings with his creative execution of curved concrete and glass structures, which almost defy description and he would later be known as one of the most innovative and daring architects of the last sixty years.


Oscar Niemeyer, Architecture, Architectural History 3, ARC3743