Branson (Mo.); Economic development; Tourism; Music; Theaters; Marketing research


The Branson/Lakes area, and the City of Branson in particular, experienced rapid growth in the early 1990s, driven largely by creation of music shows in an increasing number of new theaters. The growth of music shows slowed in the latter part of the decade and some theaters are now dark. Recognizing the change, the Board of Directors of the Branson Regional Economic Development Association (BREDA), which represents the diverse business and civic interests of the area, established an Entertainment Product Advisory Council (EPAC) consisting of representatives of business, entertainment and government to review the current situation and make recommendations for the future. To that end, EPAC retained Harrison Price Company (HPC) to perform a market and economic study of the area and provide suggestions as to appropriate actions to be taken in the future to assure long-term health of the local economy.


Harrison Price Company


Branson Chamber of Commerce/ Breda Entertainment Product Advisory Council

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Branson Missouri; Market research; Economic research; Tourism; Indoor music theaters


Branson (Mo.)

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