Antwerp (Belgium); Marketing research; Economic forecasting; Real estate development; Amusement parks; Business planning; Tourism


Rafael Eschenheimer of the Bromley company retained the Harrison Price Company (HPC) to analyze the feasibility of a large indoor “family entertainment center” (FEC) in Antwerp, Belgium. HPC staff travelled to Antwerp to meet with the client, gather research data and review potential sites for the project. The concept for the project was derived from prior visits by the client to an existing facility operating in a 58,000 square-foot building in Paramus, New Jersey named Sport World. HPC staff visited that facility when in route to Belgium. The report contains findings and conclusions of the study. The specific tasks set forth in the scope of services were: 1. Assist in the selection of an optimum location for the FEC. 2. Estimate attendance, per capita spending, gross and net revenues from operations, and probable development costs. 3. Provide consultation on management and operational issues. 4. Recommend the types of rides, attractions, games and visitor service facilities to be included to appeal to the Antwerp market.


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Antwerp (Belgium); Sports facilities; Indoor attractions; Sports World; Feasibility studies; Marketing research; Business analysis


Antwerp (Belgium)

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