Vancouver (B.C.); Fairs; Exhibitions; Feasibility studies; Marketing research; Economic research; Tourism


Harrison Price Company (HPC) was retained by the Ministry of Land, Parks, and Housing of the Province of British Columbia to compile forecasting data related to Expo 86. The report includes the following data: population mileage rings, resident market estimated fair attendance by mileage rings, estimated fair attendance from beyond 150 miles and total, estimated available tourism within 150 miles of destination at time of fair and market penetration, attendance to population ratios market penetrations by mileage segment, weaknesses in New Orleans, Harrison A. Price track record on exposition forecasting, effect of distance and percent of attendance at Montreal and market penetration, estimate of Expo 86 available tourism and non-resident visitation ranges, estimate of Expo 86 available resident market visitation ranges, ranked total attendance by prior standards, Harrison Price Company estimate of Expo attendance, marketing strategy based on large scale tour charter movements attendance potential by area.


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Vancouver (B.C.); Expo '86; Market analysis; Regional attractions; Fairs; Exhibitions; Feasibility studies; Market research; Economic Research; Tourism


Vancouver (B.C.)

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