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Black and white photo of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune and a row of African-American female students standing behind her in a horizontal line across the image. They are standing on a dirt road at an unknown location, with brush behind them, and a chicken-wire fence with wooden posts in the background. Beyond that is a small wood-frame cottage to the right of the image, scrub palm trees, and pine trees. A tree off in the distance towers above the smaller trees. In the left forefront of the image are two small wood-frame cottages painted white. The cottage at the back is partially obscured by trees, but has a metal slat roof. The cottage in the front has a front porch and wood-shingle roof. Two figures appear to be standing on the porch. A lightpost or telephone pole stands in between the two cottages. The cottage at the back has a sign on it that partially reads "Opera House, Thurs." Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, standing at the right of the image, is wearing a multi-colored, wide-brimmed hat (possibly black and brown), with four vertical buttons on it. She has a short haircut, and is wearing a white, long-sleeved, collared shirt, with trimming on it. She is also wearing a floor-length, dark skirt, with a belt, and dress shoes. In her left arm and hand she cradles an unknown book and another, unidentifiable object. Her right arm hangs at her side. The first five young girls behind her are the first five children enrolled in Mary McLeod Bethune's school. Their order is unknown in the photograph, but their names are given as Anna Geiger, Celest Jackson, and Lena, Lucille, and Ruth Warren. They are wearing wide-brimmed hats, all have short haircuts, and they are the shortest in height of all the girls in the photo. They are wearing white dresses, of which the sleeves are elbow-length and the skirts knee-length. They are wearing black leggings and heeled, tied dress shoes. The remaining girls vary in height, have short haircuts, and are wearing wide-brimmed, multi-colored hats, which have three buttons horizontally across the brims. They are all dresses in white, elbow-length shirts, are wearing knee-length pleated skirts, black leggings, and tied, heeled dress shoes. Some of the girls are standing with their hands behind their backs, some crossed in front, and most with their arms hanging loose at their sides. Some appear to be peeking out behind the girl in front of them in order to see the camera. The faces can be made out on the girls at the front of the image, but as the line extends to the left of the image, the faces become blurred. The photographer of this image is unknown. The image is enlarged from a much smaller version and is printed on Kodak paper.


ca. 1904-1910


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Bethune, Mary McLeod (1875-1955)

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Bethune-Cookman University

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Bethune-Cookman University Photograph Collection

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