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Original wood church; Wood church; Church nursery; 1980s; Cemetery


An image that reveals how the original wooden church (place of worship from 1912-1938) was once again transformed for another use in the 1980s: it became the place where families could leave their young children while they worshiped at Sunday services. The sign crafted for the building denoted the space as "Saint Luke Nursery".; Between 1939 and the mid-80s, this little building had been transformed for many OTHER interim purposes: it housed the first nursery school, the first grade school, "The Light House" (a place for youth to convene), a "teacherage" and more. When a new sanctuary was built in the early 1990s, that facility included space for a church nursery, so once again, the little wood church sought another purpose until it was finally moved in 1991 to the location where its service to the congregation had first begun.... on the the cemetery property. And there it remains today...a tangible reminder of the amazing history of the St. Luke's congregation




Seminole County, Fla.

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St. Luke's Lutheran Church and School; DSpace at St. Luke's

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St. Luke's Lutheran Church: Brick church 1957-1992



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Original wood church; Wood church; Church nursery; 1980s; Cemetery