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Original church; Wood church; Early congregation; First church; Cemetery


Narrative written by Ferdinand Duda, Sr. to describe this photo in 50 Years of Grace and Mercy (1962): "St. Luke's Congregation after a Church Service in August, 1936, by our old church located in the new cemetery. From left to right: Row one: Donald Mikler, Mike Mikler, Jr., Ruth Mikler. Row two: Daniel Lukas, George Buidosik, Andy Mertan, Milan Jakubcin, George Duda, Jr., George Mertan, Dusan Lukas, Mildred Mertan, Betty Mikler, Joey Mertan, Lillian Jakubcin, Blanche Duda, Ella Buidosik, Emily Jakubcin, Johnnie Duda, Edward Duda. Row Three: Ferdinand Jakubcin, Andrew Duda, Jr., Ferdinand Duda, Paul Mikler, Charles Blake, John Jakubcin, Pastor S. M. Tuhy, Mrs. Olga Tuhy, Andrew Jakubcin, Olga Jakubcin, Mary Mikler, Anna Jakubcin, Vera Duda, Olga Duda, Elizabeth Mikler, Julia Jakubcin, George Jakubcin, Jr. Row four: Anna Mikler, Susie Mikler, Joe L. Mikler, Mrs. Paul Lukas, Mrs. Buidosik, Joe B. Mikler, Mrs. George Duda, Mrs. Martin Stanko, Mrs. George Mertan, Mrs. Michael Mikler, Mrs. Joseph Mikler, Sr., Mrs. Barbara Jakubcin, Mrs. John Duda, Baby Walter Duda, Andrew Mikler, Paul Lukas, Johnny Mikler. Row five: Stephen Mikler, Milton Lukas, Paul Lukas, Sr., Julius Buidosik, Strycko John Duda, George Duda, Martin Stanko, George Mertan, Michael Mikler, Sr., Joseph Mikler, Sr., Andrew Jakubcin, Sr., John Duda, Andrew Duda, Sr., Mike Mikler." Snapshot (courtesy: Elaine Lavender) was scanned at SLLS, 2001 for the church's 90th anniversary display. Image also appears in Like a Mustard Seed (1982) and 50 Years of Grace and Goodness (1962).




Slavia (Fla.) -- History

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Duda, Ferdinand, Sr.; Mikler, Donald; Mikler, Michael, Jr.; Mikler, Ruth; Lukas, Daniel; Buidosik, George; Mertan, Andy; Jakubcin, Milan; Duda, George, Jr.; Mertan, George; Lukas, Dusan; Mertan, Mildred; Mikler, Betty; Mertan, Joe; Jakubcin, Lillian; Duda, Blanche; Buidosik, Ella; Duda, John L.; Duda, Edward; Jakubcin, Ferdinand; Duda, Andrew, Jr.; Blake, Charles; Jakubcin, John; Tuhy, Stephen, Rev.; Tuhy, Olga; Jakubcin, Andrew; Jakubcin, Olga; Mikler, Mary; Jakubcin, Anna; Duda, Vera; Duda, Olga; Mikler, Elizabeth; Jakubcin, Julia; Jakubcin, George, Jr.; Mikler, Anna; Mikler, Susan; Lukas, Paul; Mrs. Buidosik; Mikler, Joe B.; Duda, George; Stanko, Martin; Mertan, George; Mikler, Michael, ST; Mikler, Katarina; Jakubcin, Barbara; Mikler Duda, Katherine (Katie); Mikler, Andrew; Lukas, Paul, Jr.; Mikler, Johnny; Mikler, Stephen; Lukas, Milton; Lukas, Paul, Sr.; Buidosik, Julius; Duda, "Strycko" (Uncle) John; Duda, John, Sr.; Duda, George; Stanko, Martin; Mertan, George; Mikler, Michael, ST; Mikler, Joseph, ST; Duda, John; Duda, Andrew, Sr.; Mikler, Michael (Mike), ML; Mikler, Paul; Mikler, Joe L.; Jakubcin, Andrew, Sr.


Seminole County, Fla.; Slavia (Fla.)



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St. Luke's Lutheran Church and School; DSpace at St. Luke's

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St. Luke's Lutheran Church: Original church 1912-1938

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Original church; Wood church; Early congregation; First church; Cemetery